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How to use this site as a free tool 
There is a lot of information in this free site. It is not just a list of high traffic photographers.


For consumers
    As a consumer you can use this site as a tool to find the photographers that receive the most web traffic in the world, in  the USA or by category. We also have an outstanding group of photographers that provide educational material and don't miss the photographers that we missed on this go around and the ones on the rise.  It is important to go deep in this search, it is not a ranking of the best photographers, but an achievement award for Internet traffic, with modifications. Some of your favorites may be down the list.




For Photographers

    As a photographer you can improve your standings in Internet traffic with participation in Top Photo Websites. So many things to learn about this site and how it can help not only improve your Internet presence, but help catapult   the photographic industry.

   Whether you agree or not the Internet is becoming more important. You either control it or it controls you. It was only 10 years ago that most pay for click words were ten cents or less. Think about what you are creating.