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New Changes for Photography

Whether you like it or not the Internet has changed the way we do business. It has affected some industries more than others. All you have to do is ask travel agents, book stores, or real estate agents. Photography is somewhere in the upper middle for now, but the biggest challenge for any business in the future is - how the Internet is changing marketing methods. Newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, books, recordings,and directories are all taking a big hit to the Internet and this will increase even more as smart phones, pads, and apps advance. It wouldn't be bad if the Internet itself was stable. Fast and Furious under describes the changes within the Internet the past 10 years.


Many photographers have shied away from the Internet because the changes are too intense and time consuming. They don't understand them, so they let the big companies take control. We can not  shy away anymore. Photographers must position themselves for the growing Internet business because it is the future of marketing. Your Internet business is measured in web traffic. Not the number of Unique Visitors, but "the quality" of visitors. TopPhotoWebsites is a tool to monitor your quality traffic and keep you informed of how to improve quality traffic. How important is this? Well if you were on a diet, wouldn't it be important to check your weight every so often? That is what Top Photo Websites does. We make it easy for you to weigh-in on a daily basis and see if you are gaining share in Internet marketing as an individual compared to all web traffic and as an industry. And in reality, other than financial statements isn't the web traffic a true measure of what is working in new marketing methods?


 Here are some other things we hope the website will do:

1. Educate the consumer on quality – Thanks to the billions of dollars of advertising the consumer now believes that it is the cost of the camera that determines the quality of the image. There are even photographers brainwashed to believe that!!! When a consumer sees a great image, how many times does a photographer get asked; “What kind of camera do you have?” That’s like asking a master chef what kind of oven does he/she use, or the painter what type of brush? With automated printing and  mass marketing we have cheated the consumer to be satisfied with mediocrity.

2. New discoveries in photography – We know every photographer believes they are the best and they know the most. We are all so pleased with our creations, that nothing else matters. Well all of us are about to have our world turned upside down by neurologists.  ( brain doctors) As if the 10 year transformation to digital wasn't difficult enough,

(and who predicted that 20 years ago, or believed it would happen that fast) now with brand new medical technology, brain doctors are studying what happens in our brain when we see. The brain works nothing like they thought it did 10 years ago. We actually see fragments (qualities of light) and they go to separate parts of the brain and then we bring them back together to form ideas, images, feelings, and values. We do not store “Pictures,”  but pieces. There is a whole NEW meaning to "an image" in the science of neurology, and billions are being poured into the new discoveries. How valuable will this knowledge be? How many photographers can even name the 8 qualities of light? What do the qualities do to highlights, shadows and diffuse light? How do they affect memory? What stimulates neurons to fire? How do images create values? How important is "the quality" of an image in memory?  Today there is a lot more to photography than f-stops, shutter speeds, composition, and light. What can your image achieve? How effective and accountable is it? Will photographers rise in value or just be used by the rich like a piece of equipment? It is really up to photographers. Photographers are the geese that lay the golden eggs. They extend memory and make it permanent.

3. Promote Quality – Neurologists will tell you that we discard in a matter of hours, 80 to 95 percent of all input from the senses. What is that 5 to 20 percent that we save?  A good portion of it has to do with "quality of fear" and "quality of love." This all varies based on values, environment, and culture, but most of what we believe is created primarily by images. What people look at most (web traffic) tells an interesting story too.

4. Promote Teamwork – In the USA since the 60s our entire nation has not been working together as well as it could. Tomaras suspects that worldwide also. Whether it is individual photographers or photo companies, it is not about destroying each other in competition. Competition is about making each other stronger.  It should be “we the people,” not “me the people.” Competition improves us, if you destroy your competition you destroy a part of what makes you better. There are a lot of situations (especially financially) where teamwork would make photogs less vulnerable than taking on the world by their self.

5. Promote Photography – Neurologists say sight is the strongest sense and it trumps the other four combined.  If the image is as important as neurologists say, then photographers need to position themselves to help others and also get paid for their efforts. Photographers may not know it yet, but they are the most influential people in the world. Big business knows it. It is safe to say that in the next 10 years the explosion of photographic knowledge will be felt around the world. Photographers must work together to control this growth. There are ways you can help with 1-5.

 We are adding 864 photographers - Check out the categories and what we need from you