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By entering this site you agree not to download, copy, reproduce, or distribute any photographs, graphics, copy or code without the expressed written permission of the respective artists and writers. Violations are punishable under national and international copyright laws.
* A "no cost" independent rating of the most popular photographer websites in the world *
(Based on just traffic - no membership, no fees, no directories, no web rings, no advertising, no educational sites, no media, no social media, no blogs. In other words people like these  websites.)   

Photographers to be added to the next ranking

We try to get everyone, but we need your help. 
The World Rank list and USA Rank list is 90 solid days of searching, but we have missed some.

If you see a photographer that we have missed let us know, we'll check their rank.
We can't add everyone the moment we receive them, but we will put them on the list below if they have a ranking equal to what we have up
and then put them on the list next time it is updated.

Thanks we just added several new photographers on

January 24, 2014 that were suggested. Plus we have a new educational/bloggers area that has a lot of great photographers you don't want to miss.



Christopher O'Donnell   USA - ME

          1,236,935  out of ALL the websites in the world 5-22  Landscape, Fine Art, Nature

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Rolf Hicker   Canada - BC

          404,850   out of ALL the websites in the world    332,980 USA  5-22    Wildlife, Travel, Landscape

          Click for Today's rank >>


Paul Nicklen     Canada - BC

          2,620,979  out of ALL the websites in the world 5-29   Landscape, Fine Art, Nature
          Click for Today's rank >>


Matthew Hart   UK - England

          4,789,567   out of ALL the websites in the world 6-4-13   Landscape, Fine Art, Nature

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Photography blogs and educational sites are listed under Photo Blogs and Education Sites and there are some great photographers in there as well.

Here is what we are finding


It is very difficult finding an accurate list because people are using LESS and LESS the paid directories and search engines to market. There are more cost-effective ways, which we will explore. We found that 4 out of 10 on our list of Top 154 photogs were found by other sources. That is a huge shift from 2005. We are guessing that this number may increase to 6 out of 10 within 5 years. "Within" being the key word.


This list will improve only with the help of your eyes. People can whine or they can help make it better. We are looking forward to researching any suggestions you might have. We obviously missed some, and undoubtedly there are others. We appreciate your help in improving  photography.