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This is a team effort

The Star System rewards a photographer's participation

The more participation by photographers, the better the tool this is for consumers, photographers and the photography industry.
These are not required of photographers, but it sure helps promote photography and them.

Things happen only when you make them happen.


 The Black Dot

This means the photographer has placed a search-able link to a page on their personal photographer website. It could even be the page that they are listed on. TPW will provide a logo to those that want to show off their status.

Place a link on your site 



The Black Star
Every photographer can obtain a Black Star. All they have to do is submit digital  images of their work to be displayed on Top Photo Websites. Of course they have to have the Alexa rank to be on TPW, but we are adding 864 photographers plus at least the Top Ten in 50 categories in some categories the Top Twenty.
Submitting photos


The White Star

If photographers are going to promote quality we must display quality. The Top Photo Website is one way. The Internet loses quality compared to an actual print.  We'd like to display a consortium of outstanding prints to travel to airports, museums and other secure locations. Those photographers who contribute to this World Loan Collection receive The White Star. It is also a way for photographers to sell additional prints.
Details on submitting prints


The Red Star
If photographers are going to improve their industry, there are a lot of things they must do as a team. Teamwork makes communication vital. The Red Star is awarded to those who have invited Randall Tomaras to speak at their convention or association or client about the Tomaras Image Theory or the value of Top Photo Websites. OR they have attended one of his photographic trips where ideas are shared and they enjoy several days of communication and photography. This affords Randall time to make TPW happen and it gives him new ideas and improvements.
About Photo Trips   or   Info on speaking




 The Gold Star

The Gold Star means the photographer has gone the extra distance to improve the photography industry and this web site. They realize that improvements don't always happen without some financial backing. They have either donated a minimum of 2,500 USD or found a sponsor to help support the efforts of in cash, labor, or product.
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