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By entering this site you agree not to download, copy, reproduce, or distribute any photographs, graphics, copy or code without the expressed written permission of the respective artists and writers. Violations are punishable under national and international copyright laws.

How can consumers use this site?

This is a tool to find quality photographers six different ways.


1. World Rank - This is all of the photographers with web sites regardless of their specialty, based on their Alexa 3 month Traffic Rank. It does not matter if they are living, retired or dead. The Alexa Rank Number compares their photography web site to all the web sites in the world. This includes all search engines, social media, media, organizations, sports teams, business, corporations, governments, you name it. To get into the top 300,000 of the world for an individual photographer is truly amazing.


2. US Rank - This is based just on the traffic generated "from" the USA. You will note that there are photographers from other counties that the American people frequent. Alexa only ranks the top 500,000 websites in USA traffic, so not many photographers reach that mark. When we see a country that has over 50 photographers in their country's ranking we will develop a separate list for that country.


3. Category - Right now we have photography broken down into seven general categories. By summer of 2013 we hope to have these six categories broken down to 50 categories. But that will depend on the participation of photographers from around the world. This will make it easier for consumers to choose a photographer for the purpose they are seeking. As an example right now "Industrial" "Food" and "Fashion are all lumped into "Commercial." This will make searching easier and more productive.


4. Ones we missed - We searched for 3 months to find what we found. At some point we had to say go with what you have. Did we miss some. Yes, we are already finding additional deserving photogs. And we need your help finding more.


5. On the Rise - Occasionally we find a very outstanding photographer that is not getting the traffic but deserves your attention. This section will not appear until we have the Summer update.


6. Educational sites and Blogs - There are a number of outstanding photographers who only have sites that help educate other photographers. This is a totally different type of traffic when comparing photographer sites, but we want to give recognition for what they do.


The numbers change daily, but we don't. -  We have given you a link to check the current  Alexa rankings for each photographer. No one pays for this site, it is a volunteer project of photographer Randall Tomaras. He updates this site in between assignments, so bear with us.

Based on what CONSUMERS think - This site tells you what the most popular individual photographer websites are, based on web traffic. Unlike a lot of Directories this site is no cost to the photographer or the consumer. The numbers you see are supplied by, which is the leading monitor of web traffic for ALL websites on the Internet. Alexa is not a search engine so people do not scam it to get high rankings. It is primarily based on number of Unique Visitors and Number of Pages visited, so it measures a quality visitor, not someone who was tricked to check out the site. The World Rank is a 3 month average, making each day only 1/90 of the total. This curbs publicity spikes. It is not based on how many links you can collect or how many friends you have. It is not a rating of what someone else THINKS is the best photographers are. That is way too subjective and anyone can disagree if they have an opinion.


Count on quality - We want this a site that you can turn to for quality, so we have eliminated some - but very few. Usually the consumer will eliminate quality by not returning. If a photographers site has become a mecca for advertising, we've eliminated it. Sites that violate obscenity laws we've ousted. If the site advertises for nude models, we did not consider it. And while most sites with poor quality don't sustain quality traffic, we did eliminate a couple.


Some photographers do not have a web site - Annie Leibovitz is a famous photographer that doesn't have her own site. There are others that are just part of a collection, directory, or marketing firm. It is impossible to isolate what traffic they receive from all the others. Consequently there are some missing. We also do not include blogs or educational sites. There are some like the Thomas Hawk Digital Connection that are in the Top 100,000 in US traffic and 300,000 in the World or Scott Kelby who has five how-to publications on his site. All these sites are good for photography. Don't ignore them, it is just not what we are trying to measure.


There is not an unbiased list this complete - We have search the Internet for photographer and photography lists. Most of them are paid for or advertise. We looked at over 6,000 photo sites for our list. We will continue to add to the list and we plan to break down the seven main categories into 50 categories. As a consumer if you want to be informed as to when we make updates please let us know.


Alexa has their own list -  We thought this would be easy and all we had to do was add images, but we found over 60 photographers  missed in the Top 100 and all of it was based on Alexa's numbers. Have no idea how they did their list but all ours are hand reviewed.