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By entering this site you agree not to download, copy, reproduce, or distribute any photographs, graphics, copy or code without the expressed written permission of the respective artists and writers. Violations are punishable under national and international copyright laws.

The Selection Process

Let's be clear

If you think this is a ranking of the best photographers in the world or USA, it is NOT. It is an achievement award for individual photographers that receive the most web traffic. It other words it is the viewer's opinion of which photography sites are worth looking at.


The numbers are collected from the leading web traffic monitor in the world. The numbers for world traffic are a 3 month average, While the USA rankings are a 1 month average. They change each day, so we have included a link where you can check current stats. For 2013 we will try to post new rankings 4 times a year. This takes  a huge amount of time. Just to get to the top 150 we went through over 6,000 photography websites. is TOTALLY independent of TopPhotoWebsites  and any employees.


Did we get everyone? NO and that is where we need your help. There is not a list of all the photographer sites in the world. We want to be fair to all photographers and the industry. We have already found several that will be in the NEXT top 100, but we need your eyes too. is open to any photographer and you can check out any website for it's traffic rank. It is important that we keep this verifiable and honest. This link will take you to an article that can explain how to check out ANY site and what all the terms mean. It is important to understand what your website is doing. I recommend this article to ALL my friends and clients. And it's FREE.


If you are not happy with your traffic check out
How to Improve your website

Has your site earned the distinction? Maybe

This is an achievement award not a membership. It is a simple process, but there are a few rules and some that may eliminate your site. The simple part is that you submit your web site for us to check out. For the record, here is what we look for.

How to eliminate your site

Where are you ranked on Alexa? Alexa ranks the top 30 million in the world and the top 500,000 in the USA.  If you are not ranked in the top 30 million  the chances are you are the only one looking at your website. But relax you are not alone. I am told that there are over 330 million websites in the world. So that means nearly 300 million websites are a waste of time and money. If you don't have a USA rank, don't worry very few do. Obviously where you fall on the list will depend on your traffic achievement.  Click here to see why we use Alexa?  It's FREE advice. No sign up. Look at your rank now, and watch it grow as we lay out steps to improve your site.

Is your site independent?  Alexa has to measure just traffic coming to "your" site. If your site is one of many in a directory, a membership site, social media, media, web-ring, consortium, association or your web traffic is shared with any other URL, you are not eligible. It is impossible to determine which traffic is coming just for your photography when they are mixed.

Is your site littered with advertising? If your primary goal is to make money from advertising products, software, educational programs, or other websites you could be removed. Or if it appears that you are advertising for nude models.

Is your site considered more of a media site, a blog or education site? We are not looking for sites that primarily disperse education or advice. We like those sites and we have a special section for them, but that is not what TPW is all about.

Does it violate obscenity laws? Obscenity laws vary by country. We don't object to those photography sites with nudity, but they do affect our site's placement in many countries.

Is your site or images of poor quality? It doesn't happen often, because most viewers do not stay on a site of poor image quality. But we have found a few sites that had high rankings with very poor quality. Since one of our primary goals is to educate the consumer on quality, we removed them because they did not fit within our purpose.

Is it natural traffic? We can tell by your Bounce Rate, Time on Site and Pageviews. This is not a competition. The end goal is to increase business, not manipulate rankings. It does not do any good to be dishonest, but even if it is quite by accident, we will still eliminate you from the listing if it is not "QUALITY" traffic. Poor quality works against our principles and objectives.

The Cost?  - Nothing -  Can't beat extra free traffic to your site for nothing. Our goal is to create a value for photographers not take their money away. Does it cost us a lot of money and time? - Yes.   Are we looking for a couple of sponsors? - Yes.   There are a couple ways you can help out if you believe in the purpose.


Pretty easy Huh?  Here is the Our Team form



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