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Executive Summary


A one page summery that hits the key points to Top Photo Websites. A quick read, but you'll want to read some of these others to get a better understanding.




Nine principles supporting TPW


This is basically why Top Photo Websites was started. It outlines why you do not receive traffic, why photographers working together strengthens photography, and why you need to create additional traffic to your website.




7 elements that make TPW effective


Top Photo Websites is totally unique from other sites. This one pager points out why TPW is so effective for photographers. TPW is something you have been waiting for. Take the time to understand.





5 "Take-Back Control" changes


Photographers can let big companies take control of their marketing pocketbooks or they can unite and be paid for their talents as they should. This one pager pinpoints 5 changes that will help them achieve independence.





Photographer selection process


This page outlines Top Photo Websites' selection process. It is actually an award for obtaining  quality web traffic. We do have some rules that disqualify some, so check it out.






Pick 6 of the 50 photo categories


Each photographer gets to pick six categories to be placed in, in addition to World category and perhaps USA category if you are in the top 500,000 of US traffic. Check out the categories that best suit your business.





Add a participation star to your name


I know it is hokey, but it works with the consumer to attract attention. Don't worry they are not required and most are FREE. We just want you to participate in promoting photography and your own website.





Wasting your money on the Internet


This is a long article that really hones in on how to discover if you are wasting money on the Internet, and if your website is working. It also helps you understand how to use Alexa as a tool.






10 dynamics of a successful website

This 2 pager outlines the ten areas you need to focus on to increase your web traffic.  The first 5 most everyone knows, but most only do the first three. The second unheard of five create the traffic you want.






5 objectives every photographer needs

This 1 page introduces the 5 steps to building up your photography business.