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Executive Summary of TPW

The purpose of Top Photo Websites is to: educate the consumer on quality; inform the photographers on new discoveries in photography, apply new marketing and web traffic developments; promote quality; emphasize teamwork, and showcase photography. It was started because there is not a FREE, honest, complete listing of photographers for consumers, plus photographers need a source to improve their website and educate themselves on new marketing techniques.


In addition, is a new tool for photographers and consumers of photography. It awards the top photographer websites for achievement without bias. Since the Internet is becoming more and more important in our society, the awards are primarily based on web traffic as collected by, the world's first and foremost authority on web traffic statistics. Alexa stats were chosen because: it is free; verifiable by anyone; it is not a search engine seeking advertising; it's based on quality traffic not links or mere unique visitors; it changes daily; and it has the largest sampling of the numerous public traffic monitors.


TPW has eliminated sites from: photographic companies, educational sites, blogs, directories, web rings, social media sites, media sites, advertising sites, and very poor quality sites. In other words, these are independent photographer sites that receive the most quality traffic according to an independent leading source of web traffic. The Alexa rankings are based on all web traffic not just photography sites and are a 3 month average for world rank and 1 month for US traffic. TPW will change stats 4 times a year, but viewers can click a link to check on any photographer's stats daily. This makes it a valuable tool for photographers to weigh-in daily on their web traffic. And if you are going to increase your traffic, you need to check it daily. My trainer once told me, the reason I was 60 pounds overweight was because I gained 1 pound a month for 5 years. When I made it a routine of weighing-in EVERY day, it made a huge difference. Make TPW your homepage.


It is totally unique because it allows photographers a way to check their web traffic with other photographers and to check out what they are doing, plus it allows photogs to compare where they are in world wide web traffic. In addition to World traffic and USA traffic they have been broken down into categories to help the consumer focus, currently 6 but soon to be 50. TPW is also a way to measure how the industry is doing in the economy. If TPW is successful the numbers onTop Photo Websites stats page should decrease every time we do the stats. However a lot of that will depend on photographer participation.


There are many future projects in the wings, including a traveling museum exhibit on the quality of photography, but first things first.


The site was established and is maintained by a working photographer (Randall Tomaras) whom has maintained a high Internet traffic ranking for over 15 years. He has also developed the Tomaras Image Theory which he will introduce to photographers and corporations in talks and trips as a way to educate the public on quality photography.


Why Top Photo Websites was started