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By entering this site you agree not to download, copy, reproduce, or distribute any photographs, graphics, copy or code without the expressed written permission of the respective artists and writers. Violations are punishable under national and international copyright laws.

7 elements that make TPW effective

There are a number of reasons listed below in no certain order:


1. Totally independent - TPW is not a directory and not subjective. Nearly all of the other lists of photographers  are based totally on opinion or directory membership. The ranking in TPW is based totally on web traffic  as noted by, the first and well respected Internet research company. They rank all websites not just photography websites. Be assured that no photographer paid to be ranked.

2. Choice of the viewer - Ranking in Alexa is based on quality traffic, not just number of unique visitors or number of links a photographer can collect. Photogs and consumers like it because it is totally verifiable by anyone and transparent. Alexa stats are not limited by membership in a certain social media, group, or membership. (Here is an article explaining the reason we choose Alexa)

3. Back to quality – The VAST majority of the people think that the quality of the photograph depends on the expense of the camera. While the quality of the camera has improved considerably (and so has the price), the billions of dollars of camera advertising over the years has convinced the public that if they buy an expensive camera they can take professional images too. TPW is bringing back the awareness of quality to the consumer. Choosing a photographer by the quality of the camera is like choosing a writer by the pen (or computer) they own. Even those who currently do not rely on any part of the Internet for business will benefit from TPW emphasizing the quality to the consumer.

4. It is about the future – It is no secret that the Internet has changed the way photographers do business. Photographers only have to look at what has happened to the travel agents and how in USA real estate over 85% of all home purchases now start with the Internet. The times they are a changing, and as the Internet swallows industries, everyone must learn to adapt. Having a website is no longer "the" critical part of business as they said back in 2000. With over 300 million websites on-line, it is now how much traffic you get and what you do with it once you have it.

5. It is about the industry, not individuals – Alexa rankings actually change every day and TPW gives you a link to check progress if you care to see daily changes, but TPW is not designed to boost the egos of photographers as much as it is to catapult photography as an industry. With brand new research in the field of neurology scientists are discovering just how important the “quality image” is to feelings and actions of mankind. (And women too.) As an educational benefit to the consumers and photographers, TPW will follow some of this research under “The Decade of Photography” link. There are some concepts that we had right, but there are just as many that we had all wrong.

6. It is about teamwork – As this is being written it is March and basketball season is in full swing on the US college level. Who will win? Who knows, but it will be the team that plays like a team, not some single hot shot. Doesn’t matter what country or what sport, it takes teamwork to win. What would be your chances of winning if you only had one player to the other team’s five. That is kind of what we have been doing in photography. The individual artist is important and they have to make a living, but we cannot bite the hand that feeds us. Our competition is not our fellow photographers, it is the Dollar, Euro, Yen, Ruble, Yuan, Peso or whatever currency. Working together in the interest of photography will help photographers more than anything because it will educate the public on the value of quality photography and what it does for them. Today's market is not a "Selling" market, it is an "Educational" market. Give consumers reasons to make up their own mind and stop forcing yourself on others. And politicians should learn from this too.

7. It saves a lot of time - There are so many websites to search. While web traffic is not the only factor in determining quality photography, it certainly identifies what the general population thinks. Search engines and directories seem to be dependent on money and outdated marketing systems.


 The Purpose of Top Photo Websites