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Vital material you don't find anywhere

Improve Your Web Traffic

The Internet is taking over marketing. What you do now will determine much of your success. Make things happen rather than wonder what happen. Big companies will take your profits if you wait for them to show you how. Most companies that "make money" on the Internet Do NOT depend on Google or Facebook. Learn to control your destiny and your profits.

Photo Neurology

Major changes in technology are rewriting what we know about the brain. Machines can now map and follow what we "see" and what the brain does with it. It is a huge difference from what behavioral scientists and psychologists thought. We store qualities of light, not images. This storage system allows us to think and create. This is opening up new opportunities for quality photography.

Qualities of Light

This talk follows Albert Einstein's Photon Theory and breaks down light into the eight basic qualities that are far more important to understand than your camera. Learn what happens to highlights, shadows and diffuse light when we change these qualities. Plus how do we change them. All of what we see is a reflection. Do you control light or does light control your photography?

     All talks are geared toward 50 to 100 minutes.  Can shorten if need be. I do also have a talk on composition that I have not listed. You can see the basics of that talk in a power point presentation on my website at  While there is A LOT MORE information in all of my talks this will give you an idea of the $30 Outline DVD that each participant will receive if they sign up in advance. Unlike the composition talk, there will be a lot of new cutting-edge information in all 6 of these talk. (OK there are some new things in the Composition talk also.)

     Speaking fees to include: hotel for the duration of the conference (because I like to hear the others and have conversation with others), round trip airfare  and transportation, and a $1,000 speaking fee. I will provide the PDF to be projected on your screen and through your projector device. Two talks at the same convention are $1,500. A $250 non-refundable deposit is required for confirmation for each talk. Flight paid for 30 days in advance, balance due  upon arrival. No selling or distribution of talks.

100 ways to be remembered

Creativity is a key to memory. Creativity is nothing more than the playback system in your brain assembling fragments of sensory input. The playback system is a muscle that requires daily exercise. It thrives off of fear and love. Discover what those favorite "foods of thought" are and what exercises will help you create images that will be remembered. It is not possible to get through all 100 in a weekend but you'll find Randall's favorites.

Make your website sell

Having  web traffic is only the second step to a profitable website. The first is having a website that is worth looking at. But the first two don't mean a thing if you can't convert lookers into customers. This is where 99% go wrong. You no longer need a Doctor's Degree in Internet Marketing to make your website become profitable. In business either they come to you or you go to them. Guess which one controls your destiny?

Tomaras Image Theory - Part 1

The Tomaras Image Theory follows the Qualities of Light and how they form the elements of art, which make up the principles of art, that stimulate emotions ,which cause actions of behavior. Behaviors are the result of a formula that stem from sensory input. Vision being the most powerful sense makes photography a vital part of our values and behaviors. Everyone is different. Part 1 defines the terms and the first three steps. Part 2 available in 2014. (waiting on additional  research.)

In 2014 there will be a two day seminar that covers the above and a lot more. Let us know if you are interested.
(Be sure to type in your phone so we know where you are. It will help in determining lecture cities.)
Thanks - Randall Tomaras