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Why would you want to link to us?

1. It is an award

You worked hard to get your website traffic to where it is. The Top Photo Websites logo is recognition  for a job well done. This is an excellent way to let the publicity know that you are world class and respected by your peers without saying so yourself.

2. It is publicity

We will be doing our own publicity telling people how important photography is in their lives and what great photographers we have, but it is also an opportunity for you to sound the trumpets. Out of the 100s of millions of websites in this world, yours is among the best. The more people you let know about your site the more traffic and hopefully sales you will receive.

3. You are in good company

Take a look at the list of photographers. You may not know them all because it is not the photographic field of your interest, but is an awesome group of photographers to be associated with. People notice the friends you keep.

4. Gives validity to your website

This is especially important in converting lookers into customers. Internet marketing studies will clearly show you that people are skeptical of the Internet. Most people will visit your site SEVEN times before they decide to purchase. By using logos of trusted third party companies you greatly increase your odds of purchase. We'll have more on this later for Our Team.

5. Shows you are a team player

Do we really need to say much more here. It isn't about you or me, its about photography.

Ways to link to us

1. If you are on the list we will be sending you logos if you have provided us with an email. You can size them to any size you want. There are so many browsers and website software programs we do not want to tell you how to do something you already know. If you don't know how to link an image to a specific page, you probably have someone else do your site for you. They will know, just send them the graphic and the URL. You can link to a specific page that say you are listed, but remember we change the rankings at least four times a year and you may move up or down.

2. If you are not on our list and you still want to link to us that is okay also. The idea here is to showcase the quality of photography not be select hermits. Just grab the logo in the  upper left hand corner of most pages and copy it to your desktop, then place it on your website or favorite social media and include the URL

3. With Facebook all you have to do is copy the URL and paste it into "What's on your mind?" box. The page will pop up automatically.

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